Sustainable change is possible.

We help you set realistic & achievable health goals.

Type II Diabetes is preventable - if you have the right support.

The power of behaviour change psychology at scale.

It's hard to start a new healthy habit. 

There are hundreds of apps, thousands of self help books, and a million self improvement gurus that will tell you to just do it, give you unrealistic goals, and tell you it's your own fault when you fail.
We know how to do better. It's been shared in science journals for years, yet it hasn't made it into the world at scale.

We're bringing this research into the world to prevent diabetes. 

We make behavior change possible by preventing discouragement and adapting to what people can really do.

  • 85%
    of people are unable to maintain healthy behaviour

The struggle is real.

Prediabetes is a condition in which people have higher than normal blood glucose levels but not high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes.

"It’s real. It’s common. And most importantly, it’s reversible. You can prevent or delay prediabetes from turning into type 2 diabetes with simple, proven lifestyle changes."

To learn more about prediabetes, check out this article published by the CDC.

  • 96 Million
    Adults in the U.S. have prediabetes

We’ll find your "why" and then support you to do the things that help you prevent Type II diabetes.

We discover what motivates you, and empower you to make the change you actually need. We'll even give you permission to be unmotivated - *GASP* 
We’ll meet you where you are, and we’ve got your back!

No one has ever done anything worth doing without failing first. That's why we welcome failure - success is never perfect, and when we remove the shame from failure, we allow ourselves to redefine failure as progress.

How it works.

We determine where you are in your journey towards better health. Knowing where you are lets us build you a map to prevent diabetes.

As you carry on your journey, the app analyzes your data and behaviours and provides easy to understand insights and activities that will help you keep your blood glucose in range.

If what you do is working, great! We reinforce it. If not, great! We change things up. There’s no such thing as failure.

We evolve and support you to make small behaviour changes that add up to larger changes over time.

"Yes, lasting change is possible, but it is not easy and requires the right mindset and the right tools."
Dr. Michael Vallis,  Ph.D., R.Psych. Health Behaviour Change Consultant and Associate Professor in Family Medicine.

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